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Centauri Summer Camp Inc: Accessibility Policy

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

1. Our Mandate

Centauri Summer Camp Inc. (hereafter referred to as ‘Centauri’) provides a nurturing and community-oriented summer camp experience combined with specialised programming in the arts. Our goal is to meet the specific and special needs of creative youth who require an atmosphere of acceptance and programming geared to their personalities, creative energies and interests in order to thrive. A range of typical summer camp programs are offered – such as leadership training, themed festivals and campfires – but always with an artistic focus. Centauri aims to provide a faculty of top notch arts instructors, combined with a team of mature and caring camp counsellors for whom the individual growth of children in their care is of paramount importance.   We seek to fulfill our mandate in a way that ensures all young people who can benefit from our intensive arts programming have the opportunity to participate.

2. Our Commitment

Centauri wishes to ensure that all young people, staff and contracted workers who participate in our community are treated with dignity and respect, and that the individual needs of each person are met with compassion and understanding. Our mandate is to ensure that all individuals who reside with us at camp are celebrated: that their needs are met, and we work to facilitate their complete integration into camp programming, wherever possible.

 i. Providing Services to People with Disabilities

a) Print Information

Centauri pledges to assist all individuals requiring access to information about programming and registration, whether camper, parent, relative or organisation. Large font copies of all forms will be provided as required. Campers with us at camp will be provided with any handouts in large font as requested.

b) Telephone Services

All staff members will be trained to use phone technologies intended for people with disabilities where required.

c) In-Person Communication

We will train our staff to interact and communicate appropriately with people with various types of disabilities, including those who use an assistive device, or a service animal. A staff member will be provided as necessary to assist a disabled person visiting camp.

ii. Meeting the Needs of Campers with Disabilities

Centauri will undertake to respond to enquiries on behalf of campers with disabilities, or complex mental and physical health challenges, in the following manner:

a) An initial telephone conversation with the parent will be used to ascertain whether the child can benefit from participation in our program.

b) In the case of campers with more critical and complex needs, this may be followed up with a face-to-face meeting with the family. During such a meeting, all parties will attempt to ascertain the following: firstly, is it within our power to make it possible for the camper to attend camp safely, and without undue risk to themselves or others? Secondly, what adaptations are necessary so that the camper may thrive at camp, gaining the most from their experience? Thirdly, what specific and focused training should the camp undertake with staff members? Fourthly, what program would be the best choice for the camper? Working in partnership with the camper and their family, the directors will put together a plan of action designed to maximise the camper’s opportunities during their time at Centauri.

c) Where necessary, senior staff members will work with the counsellors and program directors to ensure training is provided, programming adaptations are in place, and additional staff and support is provided as needed.

d) Centauri pledges to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the family concerned, while ensuring that all individuals working directly with the camper in question receive the information they need to facilitate a safe and positive camp experience for this individual and the entire camp community.

3. Meeting the Specific Needs of Community Members

a) The Training of Staff and Contracted Persons

Centauri will endeavor to provide all the necessary training to all staff and contracted persons, so that persons with disabilities are at all times able to access the goods and services of Centauri. Training will include the following:

– how to interact with persons with various disabilities

– how to use equipment made available by camp for the purpose of assisting people with disabilities

– how to relate responsibly to service animals

– how to interact respectfully with persons using assistive devices

– what to do if a person with disabilities is having difficulty accessing services

Training will also be provided to all staff members and contracted persons related to the specific needs of campers in our care, and the adaptations and support they may require

b) Use of Service Animals

If a person with a disability requires the use of a service animal, Centauri will ensure the service animal is permitted on camp, and may remain with the individual at all times. In areas where service animals are excluded by law, Centauri will provide alternate means of assistance for the individual concerned, as required. In some circumstances in a residential community, the special needs of one individual may have to be balanced against the special needs of another. For example, an organisation may have to meet the needs of a visually impaired individual with a service dog, at the same time as an individual with severe or life-threatening allergies to dogs. In such circumstances, Centauri pledges to ensure both individuals can benefit fully from our goods and services. In some cases, this may mean providing one-on-one support to the visually impaired person, in place of the service animal, in certain locations.

c) Support People

If a person with a disability requires a support person, this person will be permitted to visit camp with them and to remain with them at all times (this may not include sleeping quaters). In some situations, Centauri may require the presence of a support person if it is necessary to ensure the health and safety of the individual with the disability or other members of the camp community. If there is a charge for a support person, Centauri will ensure that notice is given in advance regarding the specific amount to be charged.

d) Notice of Temporary Disruptions

Centauri wll provide notice to all members of the community and their families if there are unexpected disruptions to the facilities or services normally available to people with disabilities, including the anticipated duration of the disruption, and alternate facilities or services, if available.  This notice will appear on the camp website.

e) Feedback Process

Centauri Summer Camp Inc accepts feedback from the public in a variety of  manners including by phone, in person, by fax, email or specific feedback forms.

f) Notice of Availability of Documents

Centauri Summer Camp Inc. will provide the public notice of availability of the documents required by the Accessibility Standards of Customer Service upon request. Notice of availability will be provided on the camp website or through other printed methods.

Last Reviewed Nov 2016.