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Privacy of Information

Why have a  Privacy Policy?

Centauri has always  taken, and will always take ,  your privacy seriously. We have created this document to inform you what information is collected  by us and how it is used in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Why do we collect  Personal  Information?

For Centauri Summer Camp Inc., Personal Information about young people and their families is collected for the purpose of responding to enquiries, making camp bookings and ensuring a camper’s heath and safety and emotional well being during their time at camp.

What Information do we collect and who is it used by?

Information obtained from enquiries (name, address, fax, e-mail or telephone number ) will be used to send out brochures, newsletters and other promotional materials by mail, e mail or fax.

Booking Information
Information obtained from application forms (age, marital status, legal guardians etc) will be used to:
– Allocate correct accommodation and activities to the camper/participant
– Provide specific information to staff looking after the camper/participant.

Health Information
Information obtained from the health forms (allergies, medical conditions, OHIP # etc) will be used to:
– Provide specific information to staff looking after the camper/participant.
– Provide camp medical staff with current knowledge of health concerns and medications
– Provide  Camp Doctor / Hospital with current health information
– Provide Kitchen staff with information of allergies and food requirements

All information is collected for the purposes outlined above. No superfluous information is collected by either Centauri Arts or Centauri Summer Camp.


Information is collected in the following ways:
E-mailed forms/ enquiries: consent is implied by the submission of information. A Privacy Statement is available on each form.

Phone Enquiries: consent is implied

Forms completed by participant/camper families: Participants and parents or guardians are required to read a Privacy Statement outlined on the form, and to sign to say they understand the uses to which the submitted information will be put.

How do we protect your personal information ?

We only keep information for as long as we need to complete our purpose or as required by law.
We safeguard information to the best of our ability. For example databases are pass word protected,
staff all sign confidentiality agreements, paper records are kept locked and records being disposed of will be shredded.
We will obtain consent before any information is passed on to anyone who you have not previously agreed.

Information gathered by Centauri in never disclosed to any third party without the express written consent (or verbal if unavailable) of the participant or parent. Personal and Medical Information pertaining to campers may be shared with doctors, hospitals or other medical establishments when it is considered by the camp management in the best interest of the camper to do so. Personal and Medical Information pertaining to participants at Centauri Arts and adult staff at Centauri Summer Camp will only be shared with medical establishments with their express permission, or, in the case of serious illness when the individual is unable to give their permission, personal and medical information will be shared if it is considered in their best interest to do so.

Information regarding campers at Centauri Summer Camp is supplied to staff on printouts from the camp database. This information provides specific health information, age and personal details which staff require in order to safeguard the physical and emotional well-being of the child at camp.

Concerns and Questions

Centauri will investigate all concerns with regards to  its use, storage or disclosure of Personal Information. If you have any concerns,  please contact our privacy officers (The Directors of Centauri Summer Camp Inc) at 416 766 7124

Please note: If you refuse to allow us to obtain, use or share information we may be unable to process your applications.

Last Reviewed Oct 2016