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My kids came home over the moon with excitement about the friends, fun, and fantastic counsellors.  I was blown away by the pieces in dance, acting and game making that you were able to complete in only 1 week!

Jacquelyn (camp parent)

My daughter came back from camp happy, happy, happy. Aside from the amazing activities and friendships she made, she was thrilled with the vegetarian options!

Eileen (camp parent)

My son loved the music program, the staff, the programming, the food and the FUN! He gained new self confidence in his guitar playing, song writing and music arranging skills.

Laura (camp parent)

Our son was a first time camper at 18 years old. I was afraid he would have trouble fitting in. But when we collected him at the end, he was more social than I’ve ever seen him, as he ran around saying good-bye and collecting hugs. I feel that he learned that it’s easier to make friends and to fit in than he might have thought.

Tracey (camp parent)

Craig and Julie ,I did fill out the form but just personally wanted to thank you for my grandson’s  , once again ,  exceptional  experience at this year’s camp. He once more came back enlightened and renewed.


Our son gained a lot of independence and really dived into his favourite thing.  He learnt the art of writing while learning how to live on his own and collaborate with others.

Rajan (camp parent)

The camp is very well-organized, safe and fun for all campers. I was very impressed with what I saw on pick up day. As a teacher myself, I have a very critical eye when it comes to learning, fun and safety for kids and I loved everything I saw.

Loraine (camp parent)

There are no words to properly convey just how happy Centauri has made my son! He has spent the last 6+ hours regaling us with endless stories of his many incredible moments of the past two weeks. He has barely taken a breath as he has so much to tell us. The Play-in-a-day is very obviously a highlight as he couldn’t wait to play his original song creations for us. He had our daughter almost in tears as she couldn’t believe what her brother had accomplished in a day! She could not contain her excitement as she watched them all perform today. And we all have to concur

— what an incredible presentation! We were all so impressed with all the kids and all that they have learned in such a short time. My son said that his skills have improved so much in a short time and he is so thankful to Chris. We would love to connect with Chris and maybe see him perform at some point.

Again, thank you for a wonderful time. The music program was not the only great thing my son spoke about. He said the spirit, programming, creativity, food (!!), staff and fellow campers all contributed to a perfect experience.
We hope to see you next summer.

Laura (camp parent)