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Our Booking Policy

In order to book space on programs at camp, a parent or guardian must send to us a completed application form and a deposit of $200 per session. No registration can be considered firm until we have responded to your application with a welcome email and invoice/receipt. Acceptance into any camp program is at the sole discretion of the directors of Centauri Summer Camp Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Centauri”).

Final Payments

The balance of all camp fees is due May 15 2018. Refunds can be issued of fees minus deposit if cancellation occurs before May 15, 2018

BOOKING CONDITIONS (the small print!).

1.The balance of camp fees is due by May 15, 2018, after which interest will be charged at 2%/month.
2. All camp places are allocated on a first come-first served basis. Families are welcome to enquire about availability by calling or emailing, but firm bookings cannot be accepted without a deposit and a completed application form.
3. A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required per session.
4. With bookings received after May 15, the full fee is due at the time of booking.
5. Cancellation after May 15 incurs forfeiture of the entire fee. A 2% interest charge per month will be charged on unpaid balances after June 1. NSF cheques are subject to a $30 service charge and will require certified funds thereafter.
6. Centauri Summer Camp Inc. (“Centauri”) reserves the right to expel at any time, in its sole discretion, campers we deem to be behaving in a way that threatens the safety & well-being of themselves or others (this includes physical fights, bullying, inappropriate sexual behaviour), who possess or use any banned items/substances or who place at risk the property of Centauri or campers. Refunds will NOT be given for the rest of the session or for subsequent sessions & charges will be made for damaged property. In the event of early expulsion from camp, Centauri cannot be held responsible for any additional expenses incurred by families such as changes to a camper’s flight. Banned items/substances include alcohol, marijuana, illegal drugs or tobacco products, weapons (including knives) & pornography.
7. Centauri reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend campers from activities, programs or performances where their behaviour is deemed unacceptable.
8.No fee adjustment is given when a camper arrives late or leaves early. If you are planning to leave early you may not be accepted into a program. Please discuss any such plans with Centauri staff BEFORE you apply.
9.Centauri reserves the right to alter the program as necessary for reasons of safety, program planning etc. In the unlikely event of our having to cancel/change dates of a program or session, clients will be given the option of changing the booking or receiving a refund. Centauri’s liability shall then cease. Centauri is specifically not responsible for any consequential damages resulting from a cancellation.
10. Centauri cannot be held responsible for the loss, theft or damage of belongings including clothing collected for laundry. Insurance is recommended.
11. Every precaution is taken to secure camper safety but in the event of sickness/accident, Centauri cannot assume liability. Adequate health insurance must be arranged.
12. Centauri reserves the right to use photographs/video material of the campers and material created at camp for promotional purposes such as web site, brochures and displays. All films/projects/music/songs/artwork etc. created at camp may be used by Centauri for promotional, educational or entertainment purposes for the benefit of Centauri without compensation.
13. If transportation or a trip is cancelled within 30 days of the camper’s session, then no refund can be given.
14. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to accurately describe camper medical conditions and access limitations. Centauri reserves the right to ask a parent to remove a child from camp if their presence at camp poses a potential risk to themselves or others. No refund for the session or subsequent sessions can be offered.
15. Any claims and/or lawsuits against Centauri, its directors, staff, volunteers, agents or assigns shall take place under the exclusive jurisdiction of the laws and regulations of Ontario, and the applicable law to be applied to any dispute shall be the laws of Ontario.
16. Information collected by Centauri will be used to process your booking and to send you future information either by electronic means or mail. We will not pass personal information onto any third parties unless required by law or agreed by you in advance.  Please see our privacy policy at
17. By signing the application form as a parent/guardian you confirm that you are a legal guardianand/or custodial parent of the camper and bear the sole authority to make the decision to send this child to camp.
18. No camper or parent shall make use of the registered name(s) or logo(s) of Centauri, or make use of any proprietary photographs or videos without first securing permission in writing from the directors.

rev Nov  2017