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Life at Centauri Arts Camp!


Centauri may be known for its arts training, but we are so much more! We’re an overnight camp with all the magic that implies… from campfires to cultural banquets, stargazing to spirit suppers, festivals to free time with friends. Centauri is a place where young people who share similar interests come together with excellent role models and mentors to create a community unlike any other. At Centauri, campers make memories and friendships to last a lifetime. As one camper says in a video you will find on this site, I don’t have to try to fit in at Centauri. I already fit in, being exactly who I am.

Your Dorm Family…

At Centauri, every camper is placed in a dorm group with 1 or 2 counsellors, and other campers of a similar age. This group becomes your first ‘family’ at Centauri. From lively discussions to making a movie, dance parties to water games, beading to journaling, dorm activities are age appropriate and chosen together. Counsellors work hard to make every moment of the day magical for their campers.

Inspiring Electives…

In addition to spending at least 4 hours per day on their chosen specialist arts activity, campers participate in an elective period each day, choosing from up to 12 arts and options. A typical list: hip hop, acting for film, musical theatre dance, improvisation, writing poetry, printmaking, fashion design, paper-making, basics of guitar, volleyball, water games and yoga.

Recreational Camp Activities…

All campers share in exciting camp-wide activities, including regular “spirit suppers”, camp wide evening programs and cultural Banquets. A typical session might include a music festival, Japanese Banquet, lip sync competition, murder mystery, Double Dare contest, cafe night and a talent show.

A Chance to Chill

Campers have the opportunity to unwind and relax during 2 or 3 free time periods each day. Campers who need some alone time have the opportunity to read, listen to music, journal, write letters or practise an instrument, while campers in the mood for socialising can do so with friends. The pool is also open during free time, and we offer ‘talk and text time’ once every 2 or 3 days for campers who would like to connect with friends and family.

Pajamarama Nights

Since camp can be hectic as well as exciting, we slow the pace every few days for our ‘pajamarama nights’ – a chance to share in low-key activities such as campfires, tai chi, board games, guitar circles and storytelling performances.

Special Festivals

Once a week, we abandon the regular schedule and do something different! We might have a music festival, with live bands playing throughout the day. Or a Film-in-a-Day Festival, where campers work together in production groups to create short movies in just 12 hours. Other festivals transform camp into a magical other-world, and have included, in recent years, a Batman Festival and a Harry Potter Adventure.

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