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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions regularly asked by our parents!

Q: Are there laundry facilities?
A: Yes! Clothing and bedding is washed for the campers at least 1-2 times per session. Please label all clothes! Bedding is provided, but campers are also welcome to bring their own pillows and other bedding items, if they prefer.

Q: Can my child do their chosen activity all the time? Can they try others?
A: Specialist programs run for about 4 hours each day and campers select from arts and sports electives every afternoon. The goal is to ensure plenty of immersion in the camper’s main area of interest, as well as provide an opportunity for everyone to try something new. From late afternoon on, campers in all sessions participate in fun camp activities – talent shows, theme suppers, banquets, festivals, murder mystery nights, game shows and more.

Q: How often can my child call home?
A: Campers can call home 2-3 times per session from pay phones located in the dorms. A calling card is recommended for this purpose. Sometimes, older campers prefer to bring along their cell phones. We don’t recommend this, but if they feel the need to stay connected to their social network, they will be asked to hand in their phone on arrival and they will be able to access it for ‘talk and text time’ approximately every second day. Parents are welcome to call the office to find out how their child is settling down, but the office phone cannot be used for camper calls, except in an emergency.

Q: What is your policy for life threatening allergies?
A: We attempt, as much as is possible, to keep camp nut and peanut free. Epipens are located around camp, and campers with life-threatening allergies are asked to bring 2 of their own. We have successfully welcomed young people with serious allergies for many years.

Q: Can my child be in a dorm with a friend?
A: We’ll do our best to make sure they are with at least 1 friend, if they are close in age. Children are grouped in dorms by age, not program choice.

Q: Can campers email?
A: Unfortunately, campers will not be able to send emails due to overwhelming traffic in the office! Parents can e-mail campers using the address supplied in our Camp Manual, and emails are passed to campers with the regular mail.

Q: What happens if there’s an accident?
A: We are very safety conscious at camp. However, should illness or accident occur, the hospital is 12 minutes away. All staff receive first aid training and we have a qualified helath care professional on-site.

Q: My child has no arts experience/lots of experience. Will they fit in?
A: In most programs we welcome all skill levels. A high ratio of experienced staff ensures everyone is challenged. What our campers have in common is enthusiasm!

Q: What is the food like?
A: We offer three wholesome meals per day. A fruit/salad bar is always available and there are drinks available throughout the day. Vegetarian and ‘no pork’ options are also available. Allergies can be catered to, with advance notification.

Q: What are the qualifications of your counsellors?
A: All counsellors are aged 18 plus, have extensive arts experience and most are registered in university arts programs. All have teaching/childcare experience. Counsellors sleep in the dorm with younger children, and next door to older ones. Often, camp counsellors grow up with us as campers before taking a role on staff.

Q: Can my child arrive late/leave early/leave camp for a day?
A: We discourage this, as it is best for a child to be there for the entire experience! If there is a final performance in your child’s program, it’s essential they are there, otherwise the entire group will be affected.

Q: What are the arrangements for campers staying more than one session?
Many campers attend Centauri for 2 or more sessions. Accommodation, food and activities are provided free of charge for the 20 hours between sessions. ‘Stayovers’ relax with staff once a session ends, and spend the evening watching a movie, or participating in other undemanding activities. Many campers look forward to the relatively unstructured changeover evening. The next morning, we have a sleep-in, then ‘stay-overs’ help staff to greet new campers as they arrive.

Q: I’ve registered for one session, but most likely my son or daughter will want to stay on for additional sessions. Is this possible?
If we have space, yes. However, most sessions fill before summer. If you think your child will want to stay longer, booking before summer begins is the only way of being sure of space.

Q: What are your tuck shop arrangements?
A: Each camper can order from our tuck shop every second day. There is a limit of ‘two wet and two dry” per child for pop and chocolate, but no limit on essential toiletries!

Here are some questions regularly asked by our CAMPERS!!

Q: I’m coming to camp alone. Will I be the only one?
A: Most definitely not! Almost all our campers come alone. Everyone feels apprehensive before arriving at camp – but ours is a very friendly community, and by the end of the first day you’ll have many new friends.

Q: I’m coming to camp with friends. Can we bunk together?
A: We’ll do our best, if you’re close in age. If you’re coming with several friends, we may put you in two dorms, because it’s not much fun for a new camper to be with people who all know each other. You also make more friends that way!

Q: Do I get to be with my own age/can I be with older campers?
A: All campers are placed in dorms with others their own age. We often mix two grades, to ensure plenty of new campers in each group.

Q: What’s the food like at camp?
A: We have lots of choice at breakfast, and a main meal at lunch and dinner, with a salad and fruit bar with lots of choice. We have BBQs, desserts most days, and mid morning snacks. We also have terrific choices for vegetarians! Sometimes we have hot chocolate, ice cream and other treats.

Q: I have no experience/lots of experience. Will I be the only one?
A: We have all levels, and lots of terrific staff to make sure everyone is challenged. The only thing you need is enthusiasm!

Q: What time do I have to go to bed/wake up?
A: Camp is a busy, exciting place, but mostly you get to choose how you spend your time – with arts and sports represented in elective slots! Breakfast is at 8am, so dorms rise some time before then. Bed times vary between 9.45pm (youngest campers) and 10.30pm (oldest). We usually have sleep-ins a couple of times per session.

Q: I’m an older camper. Will the activities be too young for me?
We have plenty of campers aged 17 and 18 because of the specialist nature of our programs. Recreational choices are designed to appeal to older campers, too. We have ‘Artsarama’ nights, where you choose an arts department to hang out at, and devise arts projects alongside your friends with professionals on hand for advice. We also have Performance Cafe nights where you can chat, read poetry, play the guitar etc. However, our community is a safe space where anyone can relax and be a kid (including staff!) with no concern for whether they look ‘cool’ – so you might surprise yourself as you launch into a water game, build a fort from blankets, turn your counsellor into an alien, or dress up for a medieval banquet.

Q: Can I call home? Do I get mail? Can I e mail?
A: Campers can call 2 to 3 times per session from our payphones. Your cell phone is welcome at camp ONLY if it is handed to the office on the 1st day. Campers can access their phones during designated phone times. This is how we give you freedom to call, without it affecting the community.

Q: Are there bugs? Are the washrooms inside?
A: Our living conditions are pretty good! Dormitories are bright and friendly, washrooms are inside… you’re not really ‘roughing it’!!

Q: Can I bring candy? Is there a tuck shop?
A: If you have a favourite food, bring it with you (but nothing with nuts or peanuts). You get to order from our tuck shop every two days, and we have healthy snacks there as well as candy and soda.

Q: I like sports too! Can I play sports?
A: Yes! As part of the elective period each day, we also offer sports. You can try: basketball, baseball, fitness to music, soccer, volleyball, jogging, team games and much more! Swimming and sports are both optional.

Q: Do I have to do clean up?
A: All campers help keep their dorm tidy. Your dorm will have one clean up duty – such as wiping tables after lunch.

Any other questions?

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