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Centauri’s “Leaders-in-Training (LIT)” Program 2018

Leaders in Training3-part leadership certification, ages 15-18 only

Centauri’s Leadership program is a demanding exploration of the role of leadership – in society, careers, the arts, summer camps and in the world of teaching. By working towards our leadership certification, campers discover more about themselves and their place within the world.

At Centauri, a different aspect of leadership is explored in each session. There are three of these in total, and once a camper completes all three segments (in a single year, or over a span of three summers) they receive their Centauri LIT Certification.

Since most campers attend Centauri for our specialist arts training, LIT workshops do not affect the program choice you make each session – instead, our young leaders meet for training sessions during the ‘electives’ period each afternoon. Sessions are lively and informal and LITs also take on camp leadership duties such as planning a campfire or a spirit supper. Participation in our Leadership program brings with it the expectation that campers set a positive example to others, and in return LITs have the opportunity to participate in special camp activities such as the Leadership Night Walk.  All LITs must complete an inspiring talk in front of the camp, and also deal with leadership ‘role play’ scenarios, in order to complete the program. There is no additional charge for campers wishing to take the leadership program, but it is essential that a camper choose this route for all the right reasons – to grow their leadership skills, for example, not just because they have a friend doing it!  LITs receive a training manual and written evaluation.

Please note the order of the LIT components changes each year, so that campers who can only attend a certain session each summer still have the opportunity to complete their certification.   

Session One: ‘Personal Skills & Activities Leadership’ – ages 15-17

Are you a leader? A problem solver? A team player?  What skills do you have that will help you get ahead? Find out more about yourself and maximise your potential! Learn how to lead big groups, design activities and turn ideas into successful events.

Session Two: ‘Counselling Skills’ – ages 16-18 only

Learn how to design group activities suited to different ages, and role-play situations you may encounter as a counsellor. Discover what it takes to be an outstanding camp counsellor. As a final challenge, shadow a counsellor and run activities for a younger dorm.

Session Three: ‘Teaching Skills’ – ages 16-18 only

Attend classes in teaching technique, observe and assist a teacher, then end the session by creating and leading a workshop with guidance and support. As a final challenge, design and teach a workshop of your own for younger camps.