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Over 40 different arts camps to choose from!

Welcome to Centauri Summer Arts Camp, where the traditional summer camp experience combines with specialist arts programming to offer a summer experience like no other.

Our Arts Programs

During each session at Centauri, we offer at least 10 arts programs. Campers choose one specialty per session, and spend at least 4 hours on it daily. Every department is run by an experienced program director and accepts a maximum of 18 campers. With 1-2 counsellors assisting, this ensures plenty of individual attention. Most of our programs are open to all levels of skill and experience; while many of our campers hope to follow a career in the arts, others simply want to try something new. Each program at Centauri is geared to a specific age range. Options for younger campers provide age-appropriate arts material and plenty of variety, while those for older campers offer the level of intensity often only available in college.

Our Final Presentations

Our arts programs emphasise process rather than product, to ensure maximum learning. However, all departments engage in final shows on the last day of sessions 1-3, and mini ‘demonstrations’ in the shorter session 4. Presentations include readings, exhibitions, live dance and theatre, music concerts and short film festivals. Family members are always invited to attend.

“The programs were exceptional. Emma learned more at film camp than she ever expected, and your dance staff re-ignited her passion for dance.”

Camp Parent

“When I came to camp, the kids were busy with final preparations for Presentation Day. In the distance I saw this confident, relaxed, joyful and totally at ease young lady and it took me a second to realise: yes, that was my daughter!”

Camp Parent
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