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Develop technique as you explore your creative potential! Our Fine Art department also includes Photography and Design Arts. Choose one program per session, explore it for four hours each day, and take additional arts and sports electives each afternoon.

To see a chart listing all the programs and their sessions click here.



Fine Art Camp: Graphic Illustration

Digital Illustration & Design

Ages 12-18
Session 1, Instructor: Aaron Alviano

Learn to use image editing software and drawing tablets, then put your skills to work on creative and commercial projects. Explore traditional art skills such as composition, perspective and use of colour, applying them to your digital creations. Adapt your story ideas into visual narratives and develop the concept for your own graphic novel. Working digitally, create a storyboard, draw original characters and create your own web comic. Develop the concept for an advertising campaign, realising it through posters and other digital media. Finally, exhibit your best work before an audience on the final day. Please bring along a USB key, to record your work.

Kids Art Camp

Think BIG!

Ages 9-14
Session 1, Instructor: Robyn Gram

Paint, sculpt, design, draw… and do it BIG! Working with materials such as acrylics, charcoal, wire, papier mache, spray paint and found materials, you will create GIGANTIC pieces of art. Colossal sculptures. Murals the length of a wall. Larger-than-life self portraits. Colourful, painted flats for our theatre shows. This is an art program unlike any other! Collaborate with other artists and work alone, learning how to use traditional supplies as well as creating original art from unique materials. For our exhibition on the final day we’ll bring it all together, using our art to transform a portion of camp in an exciting and unexpected way.

Painting Camp

Painting Techniques

Ages 12-18
Session 2, Instructor: Aaron Alviano

Working in oil, acrylics and watercolour, campers will learn the demands and possibilities of different mediums. Gesture, still life, landscape and portraiture will all be explored as you find new ways to combine mediums, explore blending and texture techniques and experiment with light, space, perspective and form. Discover how to work from sketch studies and photographs. Paint on wood, canvas, plexiglass and fabric, and learn how to stretch and prepare your own canvases. Express yourself as an artist, and collaborate with friends to curate a gallery show at the end of the session.



Digital Art Camp

Digital Art Creation

Ages 11-15
Session 3, Instructor : Aaron Alviano

In this exciting digital art program, we’ll use image editing software and drawing tablets to create some funky and fabulous art! We’ll explore digital illustration techniques, dynamic character creation and the basics of animation as we create our own original art pieces – including animated gifs, pixel art and elements of video game art, such as backgrounds and sprite sheets. We’ll also use traditional print media, text, visual images and photography as source material, manipulating and transforming them to create our own digital works. Bring along your ideas, develop new skills and share your artistic creations with an audience on the final day.  Please bring a USB key, to record your work.

Fine Art Camp

An Artist’s Studio

Ages 13-18
Session 3, Instructor: Francine Freeman

Explore the work of great artists, then create original art pieces of your own, inspired by their styles and techniques. We’ll look at the work of artists such as Da Vinci and Escher, before beginning our own pen and ink creations. We’ll learn from great Masters like Degas and Renoir, then work in acrylics and watercolour. Finally, we’ll bring our work right up to the present, taking inspiration from artists gaining recognition today. Evolve your own unique style as you get creative with acrylics, watercolour, pen and ink, 3D media and more, exploring the possibilities of light, space and perspective and preparing for an art show on the final day.

Fine Art Camp

Fine Art: Art Attack!

Ages 9-14
Session 4

Paint, sculpt, print, draw… then attack the world with your art! Get ready to explore your talent in a variety of exciting ways, through collage, abstract imagery, portraits, landscapes and thee-dimensional works. Learn all about installation art, as you get ready to put YOUR work OUT THERE!! This program is a chance for artists to discover their own unique and imaginative style in the fine art realm, while being guided by a professional art instructor. Experiment with media such as wire, acrylic, watercolour, pastels, clay, spray paint, ink, marker and pencil, working towards a final art installation in which your creations will transform one chosen area of camp in an exciting and unexpected way!

Fine Art Camp

Digital Photography Techniques

Ages 12-18
Session 4. Instructor: Aaron Alviano

We’ll explore six different kinds of photography over the course of eight days: nature photography, portraiture, macro photography, action photography, product photography and the creative technique of drawing with light. We’ll discover, as photographers, how to rise to the specific demands of each, learning better camera technique along the way. Afterwards, we’ll move to the digital lab and explore new ways to manipulate and edit our work. Campers in this program can expect to learn a host of photographic skills including framing, colour correction, lighting, correct use of a photographic studio, how to work with a model, the possibilities of aperture and shutter speed, use of macro lenses and much more.

Please bring along your digital camera and a USB flash drive to record your work.