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Acting, Dancing, Singing. We have it all!

With more than 20 specialist programs in the performing arts, Centauri has something for everyone. Dance, Musical Theatre, Acting for Stage and Film, Clown, Improvisation, Stage Combat, Playwriting, Music and Singing are all offered this summer.

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Performing Arts Camps

Campers choose one area to specialize in each session, and still have the opportunity to try everything else. Our philosophy, at Centauri, values community over competition, ensemble work over stardom and the experience of creation over the act of performance. What this means, in real terms, is that we place the emphasis upon the needs of each and every individual, giving each performer the greatest possible opportunity to grow at their own pace. While some of our campers are extremely experienced – perhaps ever working professionally in the performing arts industry already – others are complete beginners. What characterizes everyone is a desire to learn and to grow together. How does our philosophy affect the structure of our programs? Final shows celebrate the work of everyone. They never place ‘star’ performers at the front, and others in walk-on, walk-off roles. The supportive community of camp is integral to everything we do; when campers feel safe to take risks, they grow as performers.

Choose from:
Acting Camps including acting, directing and stagecraft

Dance Camps including hip hop, jazz and musical theatre dance

Film Camps including Acting for TV or Film, Film making and more!

Stage Combat and Actor Combatant Camps

Musical Theatre Camps including singing, acting and dance