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Creative Writing Summer Camps

Many young people love to write, but most do so alone. Imagine being a part of a writing community, where people share the same goals and work to support one another. Make life-long friends under our Poet-tree and in the Centauri Writing Room as you kick-start a year of great writing!


At Centauri Arts Camp, writing campers choose one specialty writing program per session.
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July 2016 Summer Writing Camps...

Summer-Writing-campsCreative Writing: The Artistic Spirit

Session 1, ages 12-18 Instructor Alanna Balicki

What does it mean to be a creative? Where do great ideas come from? In this program, we'll look for ways to get inspired. We'll build our own creative spaces, explore writing prompts, create characters, build worlds and fill our notebooks with ideas. Our final project will be a writing installation, so if you prefer not to read out loud, this program is a great choice. Whether you love writing poetry or prose, or hope to try writing for the first time, join us this summer as we laugh, discuss and write, discovering what it means to be a writer... and what it means to create.

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Film Camps at Centauri Arts CampWriting for Film

Session 1, ages 13-18.  Instructor Blair Slater

If you love creating visual worlds, building exciting characters and writing dialogue that leaps off the page, then this is the program for you. You'll learn why writing for film is a technical craft, and discover how to structure your writing for the industry. But this is only half of cinematic storytelling! You'll also learn to build a tight plot, write with an original voice and fill your on-screen world with fascinating characters. Discovers the unique demands of screenwriting, as you explore ways to tell a story visually, and create a short film all of your own.

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Summer Creative Writing campCreative Writing: Brave New Worlds 

Session 2, ages 14-18. Instructor Helen Tran

Join us for this genre fiction program and try your hand at fantasy and science fiction! Discover how to build an imaginary world so compelling your readers will lose themselves in it. Create rounded characters, construct flawless plots and learn how to make the incredible credible. The technical skills we'll learn apply to all forms of fiction so everyone is welcome! Experiment with cross-genre writing as fantasy meets science fiction, steam punk, mystery and the Gothic. Join us under the Poet-Tree and discover how the support of other writers can make all the difference as you create your own Brave New Worlds.

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August 2016 Summer Writing Camps...

Summer Creative Writing CampCreative Writing: Finding Your Voice

Session 3, ages 14-18 Instructor Maria Rothenberg

Do you have something unique to say? Then join us as we explore writing as a form of self-expression, and make your ideas heard! We'll journal, write memoir, share personal experiences, create stories both fact and fiction, try out spoken word poetry, and discover diverse writers from Canada and beyond whose perspectives have challenged the status quo. If you have something to say, you're open to the ideas of others, and you're interested in writing that has both brain and heart, come discover your unique voice as a writer, and share your vision with the world.

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Creative Writing: Poetry & Fiction

Session 3, ages 12-18.  Instructor Helen Tran

Writing is a serious activity, but that doesn't mean you can't have a blast doing it! In this lively writing program we'll tackle exciting prompts alone and collaboratively, exploring both the craft and the creative art of writing. Fiction and poetry are all about playing with language: there are endless ways to tell a story, but only YOU can tell it your way. Whether you're a beginning or experienced writer, join us under the Poet-Tree this summer, experiment with poetry and prose, be inspired, discover how to be a better writer, and leave with a notebook bursting at the seams.

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Summer Creative Writing ProgramCreative Writing: Game Makers!

Session 4, ages 13-18 Instructor Olivia Alexander

Apply your writing skills to the creation of online text-based games in this exciting and unique creative writing program! Discover how to create your own worlds using non-linear plot structures, and then populate them with intriguing characters. You'll develop traditional writing skills through daily prompts and exercises, and we'll help you further your writing technique... but we'll also introduce you to the world of writing for text based video games. Try your hand at basic coding as we move from the writing studio to the computer room, creating interactive, text-based games to share with friends after camp.


Creative Writing: In the Footsteps of Giants

Summer Creative WritingSession 4, ages 12-18 Instructor Maria Rothenberg

Have you ever read a novel and thought: how do they DO that? In this program, our starting point is the work of bestselling writers such as John Green and Veronica Roth. We'll look at the techniques they use to structure plots, build characters and keep their readers hooked. We'll explore terrific opening paragraphs, then tackle some of our own. Working collaboratively and alone, we'll create outlines for original novels, and even write climactic scenes. If you'd like to be the next J.K. Rowling, join us for this exciting program. We'll show you how to be a better writer, share tricks of the trade... and help you take the first step to realising your dream.