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Writing Camps and workshops in Poetry, Fiction, Non Fiction and Playwriting.

Creative Writing Summer Camps

Young writers rarely have the opportunity to become part of a community of like-minded people, being inspired by others who share their dreams. Teenagers who think they might like to write creatively rarely have the chance to learn how to do so outside of an English classroom. Our Creative Writing program is designed to meet both sets of needs. Working in the Writing Room and outside under the Centauri Poet-Tree, campers discover the joy of writing, both through structured exercises and individual writing projects. Join us this summer, and unlock the writer in YOU!  


At Centauri, writing campers choose one specialty writing program per session. To see a chart listing all the programs and their sessions click here.

July 2015 Summer Writing Camps...

writing-camps1.jpgCreative Writing & Drama:
A Celebration of Story

Session 1, ages 9-14 Instructor Alanna Balicki

The world is filled with stories, and in this fast-paced and fun program, we'll explore some of them, adding new ones of our own! Using both writing and drama exercises, we'll discover how stories work, and experiment with exciting ways to create them. We'll retell old stories in new ways, and find out for ourselves what makes a plot work. Do stories really need a beginning, middle and end? What makes a great hero? How do you build action into the tales you tell? We'll write together and alone, play games with words, learn how to be great storytellers, bring our tales to life using drama, and experiment with visual storytelling with puppets, photographs and art. This is an imaginative program for young writers and anyone who loves stories: discover how to make tall tales even taller on the page, on the stage, and beyond! 

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Creative Writing: A Fiction Writer's Salon

Session 1, ages 13-18.  Instructor Glenn Clifton

Writing Camps for young writersIf you love writing fiction, join us for this inspiring workshop and discover how to do it better than ever before! We'll try our hand at a wide range of writing prompts and fill our notebooks with great ideas and fragments that may form the backbone of future short stories and novels. Explore the work of contemporary writers, and create pieces inspired by their style and structure. Learn new writing techniques and try them out for yourself in an atmosphere that encourages mutual support and risk-taking. Join our community of writers this summer, working alone and collaboratively under the spreading boughs of the Poet-Tree. Let your imagination soar as you discover how to create and then edit fiction that will leap off the page and make a lasting impact on the reader.

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Creative Writing  The People Project

Session 2, ages 12-18 Instructor Helen Tran

Creative Writing CampsDiscover how to create fictional characters that grip and intrigue a reader, then place them in situations that bring out the best and worst they can be. Together we'll write about the extremes of human nature from trust and empathy to hatred, envy and guilt. By exploring excerpts from the work of famous writers, we'll discover how to fill the worlds of our characters with tension, secrets and intrigue, and learn how to create dialogue that leaps off the page. We'll discover creative non-fiction by reflecting on human nature and the people in our own lives, and try our hand at writing fictional monologues. In the final few days, we will join with the actors and dancers, weaving our literary creations with their staged works to create a final show comprised of words, theatre and dance. Join our community of writers under the poet-tree this summer as we build characters, tell their stories and make our writing the very best it can be.

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August 2015 Summer Writing Camps...

Creative Writing: The Art of Fantasy

Session 3, ages 12-18 Instructor Helen Tran

Centauri Summer Creative Writing Camp : News and non-fictionDiscover how to build a fantastical world so compelling a reader will lose themselves in it. Create rounded characters, learn how to make the incredible credible, and explore strategies for constructing flawless plots. In this genre-writing program we will focus specifically on fantasy, though the technical skills we'll learn apply to all forms of fiction so everyone is welcome! Delve into epic and urban fantasy, and experiment with cross-genre writing as fantasy meets science fiction or mystery. We'll read and discuss the work of well known fantasy writers, experimenting with the techniques they use.  If you love to write, join us this summer under the Poet-Tree and discover how the support of a community of fellow writers can make all the difference. Write, discuss, laugh, read, edit and then write some more as you discover for yourself the art of fantasy.

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Writing CampsCreative Writing: From Inspiration to Creation

Session 4, ages 12-18.  Instructor Maria Rothenberg

Calling all writers, beginner and experienced! Have you ever struggled to find the inspiration to get started? This program is all about how we spot those great ideas that can transform our writing. We'll explore multiple sources of inspiration over our eight days together, from art, nature, music, people, the media and more. Working under the Poet-Tree, by the river and in our writing room, we'll try our hand at intriguing writing prompts as we fill our notebooks with ideas!  Find fresh ways to express the bizarre and the beautiful as you stretch your imagination to the limits. Discuss your work with like-minded people and learn about the techniques that will help you make your writing the best it can be. You'll return home with a few edited pieces, new ideas to inspire you, and a notebook crammed with writing fragments that will supply you with enough inspiration to last you all through the year!

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