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"Journalism workshops

Young writers rarely have the opportunity to become part of a community of like-minded people, being inspired by others who share their dreams. Teenagers who think they might like to write creatively rarely have the chance to learn how to do so outside of an English classroom. Our Creative Writing program is designed to meet both sets of needs. Working in the Writing Room and outside under the Centauri Poet-Tree, campers discover the joy of writing, both through structured exercises and individual writing projects. Join us this summer, and unlock the writer in YOU!  


At Centauri, writing campers choose one specialty writing program per session. To see a chart listing all the programs and their sessions click here.

July 2014  Summer Writing Camps...

Fiction & Poetry: Stop Making Sense

Session 1, ages 13-18. Instructor Caroyn Souaid

writing-camps1.jpgWhat happens to our words, images, phrases and ideas when we allow our brains to run free? In this creative writing workshop, beginner and experienced writers explore the power of the subconscious, and look at the marvelous things that can happen to our writing when we give ourselves permission to make imaginative and unexpected associations. All are welcome poets, fiction writers and everything in between! We'll dip into the works of contemporary Canadian and American writers who push the boundaries of sense-making and explore movements in fiction such as surrealism, that have emphasized the importance of the subconscious, and of dreams. Inspirational writing prompts will encourage us to move our writing in new and challenging directions, as well as to explore the writing forms we know we love best. We'll work collaboratively and on our own, in the writing room, under the fruit trees, down by the river and just about How to Register for Centauri Arts Campanywhere else! Discover what you are capable of writing, when you let your imagination roam free.


Creative Writing: Bringing a Character to Life

Session 2, ages 12-18

Writing Camps for young writersIn this exciting and varied writing workshop, beginner and experienced writers will explore everything it takes to make a fictional character come to life on the page, on screen and on the stage. We'll use ourselves and our memories to create characters, and try out various writing exercises to help us formulate characters from nothing but our imagination. Focusing first on fiction, we'll look at the relationship between character, theme and plot, examining the work of writers who know how to build characters a reader will never forget. Next, we'll move on to screenwriting and playwriting, as we discover how to create terrific dialogue. We'll write alone, and also see what happens when all our fictional characters encounter one another! Whatever genre you enjoy writing for How to Register for Centauri Arts Campthe most, the ability to create believable and unique characters is essential. Join us for this lively and informative writing program, and take your writing skills to the next level.


August 2014 Summer Writing Camps...

Creative Writing & Drama: A Celebration of Story!

Session 3, ages 9-14

Centauri Summer Creative Writing Camp : News and non-fictionThe world is created by stories, and in this fast-paced and fun program, we'll explore some of them, adding new ones of our own! How does the imagination work? Where do we find the stories we hope to tell, and how can we develop them? Using both writing and drama exercises, we'll discover how stories work, and experiment with exciting ways to create them. We'll retell old stories in new ways, and find out for ourselves what makes a plot work. Do stories really need a beginning, middle and end? What makes a great hero? How do you create villains, and build action into the tales you tell? We'll write together and alone, play games with words, learn how to be great storytellers, bring our tales to life using drama, and experiment with visual storytelling with puppets, photographs How to Register for Centauri Arts Campand art. This is an imaginative program for young writers and anyone who loves stories: discover how to make tall tales even taller on the page, on the stage, and beyond!


Writing CampsCreative Writing: All About Time

Session 3, ages 13-18. Instructor Helen Tran

Join us this summer for a genre fiction course as we travel into the past, back to the present and beyond! We'll explore historical fiction through inspiring writing prompts, bringing to life the time periods that fascinate us most. Next we'll move to the present, exploring fiction styles such as crime and mystery, and writing our own. From there, we'll leap into the future, reading, discussing and then writing speculative fiction such as science fiction and fantasy. Finally, we'll experiment with 'steampunk', mixing historical and speculative fiction in original and exciting ways. While exploring the different genres, we will create many characters and plots for novels and short stories. This writing course is intended for all young writers, beginner and experienced, writing in any genre. If you enjoy writing, and you want to explore new ways to tell stories so compelling the reader can't put them down, then join our community of writers this summer. We'll How to Register for Centauri Arts Campwork alone and collaboratively, in the workshop room, under the fruit trees and down by the river, as we find ourselves inspired to write, write, write!


Creative Writing: The ME Project

Session 4, ages 12-18. Instructor Maria Rothenberg

Writing Camps for TeensAs writers, our greatest inspiration is often our own experiences but how do you use your memories and experiences to create fiction, poetry and lyrics that others will want to share? In this program for beginner and experienced writers we will mine our own lives for source material. Daily exercises will encourage writers to explore their fears, joys, friends, family, opinions and personal memories, and to use them in different kinds of writing. We'll create autobiographic stories, write list poems, provide lyrics for the music program, develop plot outlines for novels, create our own original screenplays, and along the way learn more about the building blocks of great writing plot, theme, character, dialogue, descriptive language and more. Come join our community of writers this summer and find out how the greatest source material for a writer is often already there within us all, just waiting to be discovered.